Wednesdays, 7:00 pm beginning March 12th

We are excited to announce a new midweek Contemplative worship service starting Wednesday evenings beginning March 12th.  This time of worship will allow us to gather together during the busyness of our week to sing hymns and songs of praise, to hear and reflect upon scripture, lift up our prayers to God, and partake in Holy Communion.  It is our prayer that the addition of this midweek worship service will nourish your souls and nurture us along our discipleship journey.

Contemplative Worship is a setting in which we quiet ourselves in order to open our souls to the ministry of God within.  It is one way to hear the voice of God with our hearts.  Contemplative Worship waits for God in the silence.  Contemplative Worship is an opportunity to be quiet and still in the midst of busyness, finding our spiritual center.  Contemplative Worship places us in the rhythm of Jesus, a rhythm of moving into prayer and communion with God before going out to engage the world in meaningful ministry.