Rev. Glen Evans will accept our donated shoes for Honduras

Responding to God’s call has taken Glen in some surprising places, from Texas to India to Northern Virginia to remote locations in Central America. The Leadership Center, which he opened in 2011, is thriving on a mountaintop with more students graduating and arriving on campus every year under the prayerful guidance of Joseph Rahm and a hands-on board of directors. Their good work has freed Glen to listen for other ways to help Hondurans alleviate their poverty and suffering.

Glen’ll be on hand Sunday, April 23, to share his message of hope during Alive@9 and our traditional 11:20 worship and talk about the progress he’s made starting a school for young children and a medical clinic, both in distant locations from TLC.

While he’s here, Glen will be loading the gently used shoes we’ve been collecting for shipment to Puerto Cortes and distribution to people who need them. A pair of shoes can mean the difference between sickness and health, between education and illiteracy for children and, for adults, between poverty and work that can support their families.

Let’s ask neighbors, friends, co-workers, everybody we know to find the gently worn gems in their shoe rack and donate them to a good cause. Let’s fill Glen’s truck this time!