Howard Manning, Executive Director of Dorcas Ministries, was named Cary Chamber of Commerce 2017 Citizen of the Year at their annual banquet on September 13th. Manning’s leadership was compared to a stealth class destroyer working quietly beneath the radar while moving at the speed of a gazelle. Stephen Zaytoun, who presented the award to Manning, sighted his humility, deep Christian belief, caring demeanor, and commitment to helping those in need, as attributes deserving of this honor.

Zaytoun, in front of a packed room of business and community leaders, described Margaret Keller’s vision in founding Christian Community in Action. He went on to retell the store of Dorcas, the seamstress and disciple from Joppa, and the significance of her example to our mission today. Zaytoun concluded by describing the  positive impact Dorcas Ministries, under Manning’s leadership, makes towards improving the Cary community.

Dorcas Ministries is very proud and honored to have Howard Manning as our Executive Director. Please take time when you see him to congratulate him on this award and let him know how much you appreciate his leadership.

Reprinted with permission from The Thread, newsletter of Dorcas Ministries, September 2017.

Dorcas Ministries is a mission of Genesis UMC.

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