Welcome to Genesis UMC Online Giving!

Thank you in advance for your tithe or financial gift to Genesis United Methodist Church!  We’ve created a number of different ways that you can give to the church.  Please click on each section below for more information about that option.

Want to give quickly? Consider using the ‘Quick Give!’ or ‘Text Giving’ options below.

Online: Quick Give!

Use this option if you would like to provide an online gift to the church in the fastest and most secure way possible.  Genesis UMC utilizes the EasyTithe service to provide a secure method for members and non-members alike to tithe or give to the church.  This is one of fastest ways to give, and you don’t need to be a member or have an EasyTithe account to use this option!

Quick Give!  Show Me How!  Bookmark us!  http://www.easytithe.com/genesisumc

Is This Safe?
What is Quick Give! vs Member Giving (below)?
Are There Any Transaction Fees?
Online: Member Giving

Use this option if you are a Genesis UMC member and have already setup an EasyTithe account, or want to setup an account to provide a one-time or reoccurring tithe or gift to the church.

Tithes and gifts provided by Genesis UMC members using this option will be automatically recorded to their account, and members are afforded the option of managing their account online, including the ability to access reporting and other useful options.  Members can also access their EasyTithe account using a free IOS or Android app (see Mobile: App Giving, below).

Member Giving  Show Me How!  Bookmark us!  http://www.easytithe.com/genesisumc

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Are There Any Transaction Fees?
Online: Bank Check Giving

This option has always been available for Genesis UMC members, and is used by a number of our families.

You can use this option to provide a one-time gift, or setup reoccurring payment(s) on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. When you use this method, 100% of your tithe or gift is sent directly from your bank to Genesis UMC.   To use your bank’s online bill payment service, provide your bank with the mailing information below:

Genesis United Methodist Church
Attn: Finance Office
850 High House Road
Cary, NC  27513

Mobile: Text Giving (The quickest!)

Genesis UMC has joined a growing number of other churches by offering a “Text Giving” option which is an extremely convenient, secure, and fast way to provide a gift or tithe to the church.  (And yes, it’s pretty cool too!)   This extension to our EasyTithe service is the fastest way to give, and you don’t need to be a member or have an EasyTithe account to use this option;  all that you need is a mobile phone!

To get started with Text Giving, just text the amount you would like to give to:  919-230-2663.  

Text Give!  Show Me How!

Note:  The ‘Text Give!” link above will only work for a mobile device with texting capability.

What if I already have an EasyTithe Member Giving account?
How do I make a change or update the card on file for my Text Give transactions?
Is This Safe?
Are There Any Transaction Fees?
Can I Call This Number For Help?

Note that the first time you Text Give, there is a one-time initial setup process where we record your name, eMail address, credit card and/or bank information, however this information is transmitted over a secure, encrypted web browser connection, and as a result we want you to know that using Text Give is very safe because none of your personal or sensitive information is sent over text messaging![/su_spoiler]

Mobile: App Giving

Are you a Genesis UMC member, and do you already have a Member Giving account?  If not, please click on the Online: Member Giving option above to setup an account.

You can use this option to access your account from your mobile device (IOS or Android tablet or phone).  It’s not quite as easy and convenient as the Mobile: Text Giving option (above), but the advantage is that you can access your Member Giving account details and transaction history, and make adjustments to your account settings.

Install the free IOS or Android apps below by clicking on the appropriate link, or scan the QR code on this web page with your mobile device to visit our Online Giving site:

In Person: Services Offertory or Secure Drop Box

Genesis UMC is of course happy to receive your tithe or gift from you in person!

You can of course bring your tithe or offering to any of our worship services and place it in the offertory pate.  Note: when you give with a personal check on Sundays, please do not fold it as you put it in the plate!  (This bothers our automatic check scanning machine)

We are also happy to accept your tithe or gift at the church during normal business hours:  Monday – Thursday, between 9am and 4:30pm.

If you do bring us your gift or offering to the church at times other than during our normal worship services, regardless of whether you are a Genesis member or not, we ask that you place your tithe or gift in a sealed envelope with your name and phone number on the front, and then deposit this envelope in our secure drop box, which is located on the wall just inside the main entrance to the church.

Please do not leave your offering or gift unattended (such as in offering plates in between worship services), and also please do not give it to church staff or other members to handle for you.

If you are not a Genesis UMC member, please also include your additional contact information inside the envelope, so that we can contact you to provide any requested documentation.  If you wish your tithe or gift to remain anonymous, please indicate this as well.

By Mail: Send us a Letter!

If you’re traveling, or unable to attend church services for any period of time, you may also send in your tithe or gift via US Postal Mail.  Our mailing address is:

Genesis United Methodist Church
Attn: Finance Office
850 High House Road
Cary, NC  27513

Please do not enclose cash, coin currency, cashier checks, stock certificates, securities or other redeemable articles in the envelope!

Instead, please make out a personal check to:  Genesis United Methodist Church, and if you wish, add any useful and relevant information on the check memo line (eg. “Monthly Tithe”, “Gift”, “Book Payment”, etc).

Please don’t forget to sign and date the check!  (You’d be surprised how often this happens …)

Please don’t fold your check in half as you place it in the envelope!  (This bothers our automatic check scanning machine)

For further questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using the button below.

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